Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bored and Restless

Besides that mysterious woman who stole a book a while back, not much has happened. I am afraid I will never be promoted to full reporter status at the Primgraph if I don't uncover something. What would my hero, Nelly Bly do? Why, she'd find a story. She'd report on mistreated workers, injustices in the library, whatever miscarriage of justice she found.

Sir JJ does not make it easy for aspiring cub reporters. He is unfailingly polite and fair to everyone. The library is progressively fair, and if there's a miscarriage of justice around the Caledon library, I haven't seen it.

Rather dull around here. I want excitement and adventure.

Sir JJ does have that air of mystery about him though. I bet he is hiding something. Something more interesting than new system of library fines or reshelving books. I hereby resolve to watch his movements more carefully.

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