Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bored and Restless

Besides that mysterious woman who stole a book a while back, not much has happened. I am afraid I will never be promoted to full reporter status at the Primgraph if I don't uncover something. What would my hero, Nelly Bly do? Why, she'd find a story. She'd report on mistreated workers, injustices in the library, whatever miscarriage of justice she found.

Sir JJ does not make it easy for aspiring cub reporters. He is unfailingly polite and fair to everyone. The library is progressively fair, and if there's a miscarriage of justice around the Caledon library, I haven't seen it.

Rather dull around here. I want excitement and adventure.

Sir JJ does have that air of mystery about him though. I bet he is hiding something. Something more interesting than new system of library fines or reshelving books. I hereby resolve to watch his movements more carefully.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Stranger in the Stacks

I run my finger along the spines of the books as I idly walk through the stacks at the library. Turning a corner, I see a flash of a dark skirt at the other end of the room.

Who could that be? I thought I was alone on this floor. The librarian is in his office, and the staff generally stays on the ground floor where patrons tend to roost.

I stop and try to slow my breathing, straining to catch any sound. There! There it is, a squeak of leather, as from a shoe. On tip toe and moving quietly, I move toward the sound. A visitor up here is so rare as to be a novelty. Could it be an Oxford University student? No, students use their own library. What could she be doing up here?

The idea of someone actually looking for a book never once occurred to me. No, it's for another reason. Perhaps it has to do with all of those close door meetings Mr. Drinkwater has been having recently. Perhaps it has to do with. . . I see her and stop suddenly.

She's dark haired, beautiful, and confident. Whatever could she be doing in this library? She's pulled a book from the shelves and doesn't notice me. I move quickly so I can watch her from another row. After a while, she closes the book, drops it into a skirt pocket, and turns and scans the stacks. My breath freezes in my body. Please, please, please don't see me, I quietly beg. Something in her behavior says she is not to be trifled with.

Slowly, the mysterious woman walks to the staircase and descends. As my breathing returns to normal, I realize that I never once considered greeting her. She is a dangerous person. What was she looking for?

What is going on in this library?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Newspaper Work is Not All Glamour

Do NOT tell my family, who were against me seeking a job in the first place, but being a reporter isn't always glitz and fancy offices. Reporting involves research, timing, and plain hard work.

I have been flat out gobsmacked at the amount of work I have had to do. I am learning much by watching the veteran reporters. They have been most generous with advice and sharing insider secrets.

I am assigned to cover the library, but there has to be more happening there than starting a new system of library fines. I am certain with luck, I can uncover something big. I am determined to impress the Primgraph Editrix and the veteran reporters.

Wandering around the stacks, peeking into offices is what a good investigative reporter would do. Excuse me while I return to the Whitehorn.