Monday, February 1, 2010

Something Curious

How long will I be considered a cub reporter? How much longer must I get the metaphorical pats on the head by seasoned reporters here at the Primgraph?

I want to be taken seriously. Nelly Bly in America is taken seriously, and her style of journalism is making the powers that be to sit up and watch themselves.

I know there must be something going on at the library, but I can't quite find out what. Sir J.J. Drinkwater is so mysterious. I've seen unsavory types sitting at library tables or walking around the stacks. They are not after the latest novel by Trollope or Dickens, I am certain.

There's a woman who comes around on occasion who has an air of danger about her. I admit to the pages of this journal only that she scares me. I have heard she is called Lady something, but she does not appear to be a member of the aristocracy. Who is she?

Late one night I went back to the library because I'd forgotten my notebooks, and I heard strange noises -- doors being closed, footsteps, and moving about -- down in the basement where no one generally goes. What is going on? I started to go downstairs when I was met by Sir J.J. who brushed right past me.

Why would the director of the library be in the basement late at night? Who else was there with him?

What is going on? I must find out.