Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I must get on that airship -- part two

In my excitement, I stepped back onto a creaking board. Did anyone in the director's office hear me? I froze. The light from the hole darkened for a few minutes as someone walked? stood? by that part of the wall, but I did not see any one looking in.

After a few minutes, the meeting must have broken up because I could now hear voices behind me beyond the closet door. A few must have remained behind in the director's office. I crept forward and resumed my listening post.

They were talking about details of the expedition, where and when.

As I waited for everyone to leave, it struck me that as a young female, I would never be permitted on such an airship. Never.

But a boy could hide more easily. No skirts to hamper movement. Not fair, but boys have much more freedom in society.

The trouble is, I would have to look like a boy. Nelly Bly wouldn't hesitate, and neither shall I.

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